Remodeling Business

We aim to enhance your daily living by renovating water facilities to create a comfortable and easy-to-maintain environment for your entire family.

"Easy cleaning" and "water-saving" are crucial for places that are used multiple times a day. We propose toilets that prioritize these aspects.

Because it's a place of relaxation for the whole family, we aim to create a bathroom that is easy for everyone to use and easy to clean.

We propose a kitchen that is easy to use, easy to clean, and makes cooking enjoyable.

We propose a vanity unit for the bathroom that provides ample space for the whole family and is easy to clean.

Commercial facility toilet renovation

March 12, 2023 
We have completed renovation work for Maruyoshi Motors.

Home toilet renovation

We have completed renovation work for the residence of the K family.

Factory storage renovation

We renovated the storage area of S Motors into a restroom and employee break room.


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